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About Us


How It All Began...

At 7 years of age, our daughter Timmaree was diagnosed with a rare form of eye cancer called orbital rhabdomyosarcoma. In the process of enduring extensive chemotherapy treatments, she lost her hair, but never lost her faith, smile, resilience, and trust in us as parents to ensure she received the bestpossible care. We turned to CHOC Children's for help. 

To help pass the time during her lengthy hospital stays,

Timmaree enjoyed painting rocks. Her first piece of art was a butterfly. She drew a cancer ribbon and then began doodling around it. She excitedly shouted out, "This is a cancer ribbon butterfly!" Timmaree's rock painting quickly caught the attention of CHOC doctors, nurses, and volunteers, as well as other patients, who lined up outside her room to get a glimpse of her special creations.

Timmaree never intended on selling them, but many people made generous donations in hopes she would buy something extra special for herself.

After fighting a tough and courageous battle for nearly two years, Timmaree passed away on December 21, 2008, just eight days after turning 9. She was a hero to thousands of people who had the opportunity to meet her, helping change people's perspectives about life. Many feel honored they have one of Timmaree's limited edition painted rocks with her signature.


Our Mission

To celebrate Timmaree’s legacy and to brighten the day for patients, we bring Timmaree Rock’s Foundation Craft Day to Children’s Hospital Orange County for rock painting parties throughout the year, as healing therapy, and paint with the sick children and their families in the hospital play rooms on each floor. Additionally, we provide 250 rock painting kits, which include a brush, 3 paint-pots of various colors, a rock, along with a handout of Timmaree’s inspirational story each month to sick children. We will also distribute rock painting kits to children admitted during the holidays. We began painting rocks with the children after Timmaree’s passing as a form of therapy for our own family. We began doing so on our own ten years ago and have painted and donated approximately 30,000 rock kits to sick children and their families.


Thank You

Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you. 


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